Heroes of Forgiveness

You can nominate a “Hero of Forgiveness”. The Candidate should have demonstrated profound and genuine forgiveness. The key criteria is the inspirational and motivational force of the act or acts. Will this act empower ordinary […]

26, Feb, 2013


There is no pill, no lotion, no potion, no energy balancing, no psychic reading, no affirmation that can change what was. As the light shines into darkness so does love bring warmth and peace to […]

16, Feb, 2013

The Sin of Forgiveness?

Gregory Koukl Is it possible to forgive a wrong done to someone else? Should only those who repent be forgiven? Is forgiveness a selfish act, a way to make ourselves feel better? Greg grapples with […]

14, Feb, 2013

All Brain, No Mind

Gregory Koukl Are we just our brain? Greg responds to a Time article that supports this view. I read an article in Time magazine from July 17 on the mind and the brain. It’s […]

31, Jan, 2013

Why Forgive

Johann Christoph Arnold Excerpted from Why Forgive?, available FREE in e-book format. Without being forgiven, released from the consequences of what we have done, our capacity to act would, as it were, be confined […]

24, Jan, 2013


There are three kinds of forgiveness, all interrelated. There is self-forgiveness, which enables us to release our guilt and perfectionism. There is the forgiveness we extend to others and receive from them, intimates and enemies […]

17, Jan, 2013

New behaviors needed to create self-forgiveness

In order to forgive yourself you need to practice: Letting go of past hurt and pain. Trusting in your goodness. Trusting in the goodness and mercy of your Higher Power to take over the burden […]

11, Jan, 2013



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