16 Feb 2013

forgiveness5There is no pill, no lotion, no potion, no energy balancing, no psychic reading, no affirmation that can change what was.
As the light shines into darkness so does love bring warmth and peace to the blackest of blackest places. And you have seen some black places. This is true for all.
Forgiveness of self is the key to accessing the light. The forgiveness of others is noble, yet, forgiveness of self must come first.

One of the greatest gifts anyone could give to themselves would be the gift of self-forgiveness. What has happened in the past has happened. The phrase “no use crying over spilt milk” comes to mind.Many of us spend an entire life time whining and crying over milk that we spilt. Let the past live in the past. The past cannot be removed. You may be able to change your perception of the past but that does not change the event.

When in a black (no light) room and you open a door to another room that is lighted, the light shines into the dark room, the
dark room does not blacken the light room. So it is in us. Love will bring peace to those dark places that you hide in yourself.
Guilt, shame and blame would fall into the category of dark places. Do you have any dark places that need light?

The key to letting light in our rooms is forgiveness of self. To rid ourselves of the guilt, the shame and the blame that we have
allowed to be our truth. We have tortured ourselves long enough. It is time to admit that we made a mistake and now is the
time to let it go, Oh what joy to be free of the choking emotions and the burdensome weights that these emotions carry. I have
witnessed the freeing of many people from their self-made weights by declaring “I forgive myself for………” and then upon
completing what they are forgiving themselves for they say “thank you I am free now” . Try it.

There may be people in your past who have done you great injustices. It is important to forgive them too, but you must forgive
yourself first. It is only possible for you to access love for another (the forgiveness) when you are loving towards yourself (the
forgiveness of self)

Forgiveness of self creates a freeing of your energies. Those demons that have haunted your past are finally put to rest and this
allows a space for new, higher vibration energy to enter. As a result, you are more aware of the love, harmony and peace that
is all around you. Your life becomes more fulfilling, more rewarding, more exciting, more loving. So take the time to let go. Let
go of the past. Forgive yourself. Let the love and light that you so deperately want in your life a chance to manifest itself.
Forgive yourself. You deserve it.

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