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26 Mar 2012

A 48-year-old lady came to me with a request, “I have decided to divorce my husband. I would like you to help me emotionally to be able to handle this and move on in my life.” The lady was well educated, had travelled extensively both before marriage and after, and lived in a fancy house in one of Delhi’s posh localities. She and her husband had been in love for three years before they decided to marry. They had been married for 12 years and had had the best of everything in life. They led a busy active social life and mutually decided not to have children.

About a year ago, her husband developed some disability from the waist downwards, which restricted his movements, bringing their active social life to a standstill. Frustration, anger, blame, and rejection played havoc with her for almost a year. She decided to end the marriage, unable to manage her sick husband.

Journey into the past

We have a process-driven therapy that we follow for relationship issues, and after the third session, I facilitated her into viewing her past life that had some relevance to her current life and the issues therein. She was able to access three past lives in three subsequent sessions and this is what she discovered.

The first past life she accessed was based in southeast Asia. In the visual recall, she saw herself as a 34-old woman, married to the same person who is her husband today. They belong to the fishing community and have no children. She loses the functioning of her lower body at the age of 48. She is lovingly tended to by her husband until she dies at the age of 56.

The second life she accessed was in the south of France. She sees herself as a wealthy 35-year-old woman, married to the same person who is her husband today. They are ardent horse lovers and enjoy riding together every morning. At the age of 38, she falls off the horse, injures her hip and is unable to ride again. She is very well cared for by her husband till her death.

The third life she accessed was in the Middle East where she is a poor woman around 30 years of age married to a man who works in a stone quarry. The man is again her husband in current life. She gradually develops a disability that renders the lower part of her body useless. Unable to move, she is bedridden, and is looked after by her husband. Every morning he cleans and feeds her before leaving for work and does the same after returning. Despite the hardship, he continues with a smile on his face.

I let her release all the suppressed emotions against her husband stored over the past year in her present life. She let go all the anger, blame and other negative emotions. I then invited her to replace it with unconditional love and forgiveness, and to gather all the strength and courage from her inner world, before completing the process, and bringing her back to the present.

She called me nine months ago to say that she and her husband were in the US for his treatment. She added that all issues were sorted out and they had decided to live together after making some mutual adjustments. They had learnt their lessons and perhaps healed their karma. In this lifetime her current experience with her husband was driving her to seek a divorce. Once she was able to access her past-life memories, she was able to see the larger picture and take the necessary action. Her perspective shift can be summed up in one sentence. She said, “If he could take care of me in three lifetimes – I feel I can take care of him in this lifetime.”

If we deal consciously with our relationships, repeated patterns is something we can avoid. The understanding that she accessed during the regression session helped her release the old patterns forever. They perhaps now will live together to a ripe old age and need not face the same situations in their next life.

Get in touch with yourself and identify your faulty assumptions, renegotiate your relationships, bring in appreciation, acknowledgement, and forgiveness. Learn to give unconditional love and teach others how to treat you with unconditional love. As long as you hold on to grudges, your power is with others. Take your power back by forgiving others.

Blossom Furtado holds a master’s in alternative medicine, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, past-life therapist, spirit release therapist, life-coach counsellor, trainer, and teacher.

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